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Railway Transportation Services

Veresk provides services to improve management of your railway transport process. Railway transport and forwarder companies as well as traders & businessmen are the main users of this service. These services will allow you to make better decisions on railway transport in Iran, Russia, the Baltics and 16 countries in Central Asia.

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Achievements of Veresk

The vision of Veresk is to link technology and logistics. To this end, we have always sought to establish effective communication with diverse industry sectors. Such relationships help us meet the needs of the logistics industry in the best way. Our achievements include:

Signed Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation with the I.R Railway Co.
Selected as the Best Innovative Team, Amir Kabir University, 2018
Speaker at 11th OSJD Conference
Selected team of first national logistics and supply chain award

Supporters and Associates

Samsung A.U.T Tech
Railway Transportation Co.
I.R Railway (RAI)
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