About Us

heretofore, the first word you heard from Veresk was in your mind was a civilization masterpiece in the Savadkooh town on a valley called Veresk, which was built along the Iran Northern Railroad and in 1315 by a Danish company.
But since 1396, when some of the young people active in international transportation in Tehran decided to launch the startup for rail transport, Veresk was not the only bridge between the two mountains, but a platform for the connection between The IT world and rail transportation.
The founders of Veresk brought together a team of young and graduate students from Iran with a precise evaluation of the needs of the rail transport market in order to rebuild the Veresk by Iranians this time. We are working on Veresk to provide a quick and easy access to the correct information and Provide transparency for our customers in the field of rail transport. Veresk will never carry any cargo, but will only a platform for rail transport operators so that they can obtain information without intermediaries.
Veresk startup became the first Iranian startup of rail transport accepted by the Samsung-Amir Kabir Technology Center and is also concluding an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways for the exchange of information.
Yes, the time of brick and stone is over, the new Veresk is under construction with materials of zero and one!