Customs Tariffs Calculator

Customs tariffs calculator

Customs in all countries is the authority for the enforcement of foreign trade laws. These regulations include the collection of payments due, tariffs, taxes and duties on imports, exports and transit of cargo and passengers. Customs taxes & duties are one of the most important factors affecting the cost of import and export of shipments.

The complexity of calculating customs fees is one of the dilemmas facing international traders and transportation companies, so users are forced to rely on inaccurate information from unreliable sources and companies.

Goods are classified by the World Customs Organization (WCO) standards, according to the Harmonized Commodity Code (HS). Governments also calculate customs taxes and duties consistent with their economic policies, on the basis of the above standards. By collecting information and designing suitable algorithms, Veresk provides a solution to a major concern of merchants and international transportation companies.

The Veresk 'Online Customs Tariff Calculator Service' receives all the necessary information and data to provide you with the detailed list of customs fees for your cargo. Calculation of customs tariffs are based on the latest amendments to customs laws and regulations in Iran, Central Asia and the Baltic countries.

Railway Transportation Services

Veresk provides services to improve management of your railway transport process. Railway transport and forwarder companies as well as traders & businessmen are the main users of this service. These services will allow you to make better decisions on railway transport in Iran, Russia, the Baltics and 16 countries in Central Asia.

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