Freight Tarrif Calculator

Freight tariff calculator

Given the state-owned nature of railway transport , costs are generally determined by state authorities, therefore transport by railway experiences the least change compared to other shipping models, and this is seen as a great advantage.

Railway transportation costs are determined, by governments, based on parameters such as: type of wagon, tonnage, distance, type of goods, etc. Governments in general try, with suitable pricing policies, to place railway transportion in a better position than other transportation models.

Considering that railway transport Freight tariffs are fixed and specific, traders and railway transport companies usually have issues calculating railway freight tariffs. In many cases, railways of many countries also allow discounts to attract more transportable cargo to railroads, which businessmen and transport companies miss in some cases.

Our “Online freight Tariff calculator Service” for railway freight will receive your shipments information and with its algorithms, designed to include the latest changes in tariffs and calculate the calculate live online, carry your consignment by railway from place of origin to your destination in Iran, Central Asia ( CIS ) and the Baltic States.

Railway Transportation Services

Veresk provides services to improve management of your railway transport process. Railway transport and forwarder companies as well as traders & businessmen are the main users of this service. These services will allow you to make better decisions on railway transport in Iran, Russia, the Baltics and 16 countries in Central Asia.

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