Railway Stations Information

Railway stations information

The logistics process is not just about transportation. The facilities at the stations are also one of the key parameters in Transportation management. Most of the time, due to the lack of sufficient facilities at a station, businessmen and transportation companies face a lot of problems and higher than anticipated costs, financially and time wise.

The most important facilities at stations are various types of warehouse, loading and unloading services, customs services, wagon discharge platforms, oil tanks, Grain depots, etc.

Our “Train Station Information Service” allows you to check the facilities at any railway station in Iran, Central Asia ( CIS ) and the Baltics States and prevent interruptions to your transportation process. You will be able to search for specific facilities and needs within a selected geographical area.

Railway Transportation Services

Veresk provides services to improve management of your railway transport process. Railway transport and forwarder companies as well as traders & businessmen are the main users of this service. These services will allow you to make better decisions on railway transport in Iran, Russia, the Baltics and 16 countries in Central Asia.

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